Bufallo Finance Blockchain DeFi Services


Buffalo.Finance, or BUFFI, is an open source and mathematically verifiable smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Saddle up and ride BUFFI for advanced passive income farming.


Stake BUFFI: +0.75% per day flat rate interest (APR 273.75%)


Alongside the main BUFFI exchange, future extension contracts are able to utilize the BUFFI token in meaningful ways. Our portfolio of smart contracts that are use a provably fair RNG oracle and additional future contracts can also benefit from this on-chain RNG as well as being fueled by BUFFI.


Integrated Exchange

BUFFI doesn’t need any exchange, swap, or marketplace as it can be converted in BNB directly with our verified and immutable Smart Contract.

Instantaneous Transactions

Powered by the Binance Smart Chain, and almost costless BNB transactions, all interactions with the BUFFI smart contract are instantaneous.

Passive Income

Upon both buys and sells, a percentage is taken off the resulting BNB amount and distributed proportionally to all BUFFI holders.

Bullish DeFi dApps

Our portfolio of DeFi oriented dApps structured around a provably fair RNG oracle will demonstrate how making profits can also be fun!

Supply = Value

For every BUFFI token that exists, the price increases by a tiny bit and will also decrease when they are eventually sold back to the contract.

Staking and more

Classic flavors of staking are on the way, and we are already testing some unique flavors with some very bullish mechanics!

Generating New Ideas. Solving Big Problems

The tokenomics of Buffalo.Finance have proven their reliability and great potential for success on the Ethereum blockchain. Now with the power of instant transactions that use very low amounts of BNB gas, compounding dividends at very high frequencies is now reality.


TOKEN Holders


Contract Bal. in BNB

BUFFI Staking

BUFFI Staking

BUFFI STAKING01 Investors can lock BUFFI tokens in a state such that they no longer earn dividends from the BUFFI exchange contract but instead will earn a flat 0.75% per day on their capital. Anything earned from this interest rate can be withdrawn to your wallet...

BUFFI now on PancakeSwap

BUFFI now on PancakeSwap

MARCH 12TH 2021: BUFFI now on PancakeSwap$BUFFI on PancakeswapYou can now trade $BUFFI / $BNB on PancakeSwap! $BUFFI is now trade-able on PancakeSwap! (BUFFI/BNB). We've just added [ 1 BNB + 438 BUFFI ] as mini starter pool. For an even better distribution of the...

BscScan Token Information Update

BscScan Token Information Update

MARCH 19TH 2021: BscScan Update for BUFFIBscScan Token information UPDATEBased on information Buffalo Finance has provided to BscScan, the BUFFI token page has been updated accordingly.Social Links TwitterTelegramand more... Link to DEXBUFFI iconAs you can see in the...

Buffalo Finance on the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Map

Buffalo Finance on the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Map

MARCH 15TH 2021: Buffalo Finance added on the BSC Ecosystem MapBUFFI on the BSC MAPDapp.com has added Buffalo Finance on the Binance Smart Chain Ecosystem Map, in the Finance category.Buffalo Finance is now on the Binance Smart Chain Map! (source: Dapp.com) Bullish...

BSC Checker Review

BSC Checker Review

MARCH 9TH 2021: BSC Checker Review BSC Checker ReviewBSC Checker provides in depth analysis and audits on any BSC Token - t.me/bscChecker. BSC Checker Team conducted a full review of Buffalo Finance website, team, smart contracts and has not detected any suspicious...

Platform & Token Launch

Platform & Token Launch

MARCH 6TH 2021: Platform & Token LaunchSUCCESSFUL LAUNCHBUFFI launched successfully on Saturday 6th March 2021 at exactly 12pm EST. With more than a hundred participating wallets and up to 500 BNB in the smart contract balance, we clearly exceeded all our expectations...

Smart Contract Verified

Smart Contract Verified

MARCH 4TH 2021: SMART CONTRACT VERIFIED ON BSCSCAN.comSMART CONTRACT VERIFIED Buffalo.Finance, or BUFFI, is an open source and mathematically verifiable smart contract on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Simply visit https://buffalo.finance/contract and review our code!...

Why we are different

Instead of being a copy and paste of other similar projects, BUFFI was rewritten entirely from scratch and has been simplified overall. Unlike other contracts of this nature, some things have been removed such as the referral program and transfer tax and others altered such as the tax rates and initial token price.


Join the below networks, never miss a new dApp release and watch our social presence grow! Community is the most important future commodity!



Simple but very effective mechanics, for fair and progressive profitability. No dev fee, no referrals, no exceptions. All our smart contracts will be verified on BSCscan.com. 100% of the dividend tax is proportionally distributed to BUFFI holders. 

10% of the incoming BNB will be distributed as dividends to all BUFFI holders proportionally. 

10% of the outgoing BNB will be distributed as dividends to all BUFFI holders proportionally.

100% of the dividend tax is proportionally distributed to BUFFI holders.

  • Dividend Tax (BUY) – 10%
  • Dividend Tax (SELL) – 10%

WARNING: Not financial advice. Only invest what you’re prepared to lose. While the contract’s liquidity is verified and verifiable, DeFi Smart Contracts inherently carry as great a risk to your funds as they do the potential for profits.


Customers can purchase BUFFI tokens with BNB that once held, will earn dividends from all other buys and sells proportional to their token balance relative to the total supply. The price per token is dependant on the total supply and as such, when the total supply increases, the token price increases. Tokens can also be sold back to the contract and the seller will receive a payout in BNB and because the total supply is now lower, the price per token is lower too. Everything is completely liquid at all times and is bound to a complex mathematical equation to ensure that this will always be the case.


There is a base price per token that increases according to the total BUFFI supply, this ‘true price’ is then used to calculate the buy and sell prices. The base price per token is 0.001 BNB (one thousandth) and the price will increase by 0.00000001 BNB (one one hundred millionth) multiplied by the total supply.


Buying BUFFI tokens incurs a dividend tax of 10% that will be distributed proportionally to all holders.


Similar to buying, selling BUFFI tokens incurs a dividend tax of 10% that will be distributed proportionally to all holders.

Liquid Value

This “My Liquid Value” indicator that is shown in the upper right section of the “My Info” tab represents the sum of the value of your BUFFI tokens if you were to sell them now, plus the value of your Dividends (in BNB).


As more volume passes through the contract, it will effect the true price of the token as well as the total dividends paid out. Any customer can then either withdraw their dividends directly to their wallet or reinvest it back into buying more BUFFI.


BUFFI is BEP20 compliant and can be approved and transferred like any other token, the only thing different is the fact that you also transfer the ability to earn dividends from those tokens. BUFFI also implements a transferAndCall method which gives the token utility by allowing external contracts to account for incoming BUFFI and do something useful with some data. This is what makes any extension like Staking or Crates possible.